When You Don’t Know What You Want

When you walk into a diner (remember walking into diners?) you usually don’t know what you want.  The laminated menus are a ridiculous 134 pages long, so you know you’ll have plenty of options. After 10 minutes or so, you make a decision. You choose a burger. Maybe it’s amazing, maybe it’s dry. Or you’re vegan, so you get a salad. Came with that vegan feta you love. Nice surprise! … Continue reading When You Don’t Know What You Want

Does your job still Fit? 10 signs that it’s time to move on!

If your shoes or clothes no longer fit, you would get a new pair or a new outfit; correct? If a friendship or relationship no longer fits, you would let them go and form new friendships or relationships, correct?  When things no longer fit, we normally move on to better fitting shoes, clothes, friendships, or relationships.  It should be the same for our jobs as … Continue reading Does your job still Fit? 10 signs that it’s time to move on!

Looking at Resumes from a Hiring Manager’s Point of View

I’m a retired engineering manager turned Mentor Coach for engineers, and I also lead the Engineer in Transition Network Group.  One of the ways I help engineers in their job search is looking at their resume from a hiring managers point of view.  While everyone is different, there are several recurring themes that jump out. I can’t tell what job they are looking for The … Continue reading Looking at Resumes from a Hiring Manager’s Point of View

Team Building: Focusing on Your Employees

Do you have clear expectations for your employees?  A goal for this year may be to set meaningful expectations and ensure they are focused on the expected outcomes. Often more than not, employees don’t have a good understanding of their duties.  Can you provide a detailed list of what each employee needs to accomplish by the end of each day?   Your employees need to understand … Continue reading Team Building: Focusing on Your Employees

Why Should I Proofread?

I started my own proofreading business ten years ago (2011) because I would find typos EVERYWHERE!  I would see typos on TV, billboards, newspapers, magazines, resumes, business documents, websites, etc.  It would drive me crazy, so I decided to do something about it and start my own proofreading business to help others present themselves in the best possible way. My proofreading business has now transformed … Continue reading Why Should I Proofread?

Confidence is a Choice

One word that people have always used to describe me is “confident.” And I am, mostly. Partly because I have failed a lot.  I’ve performed comedy to crickets. I’ve been dumped, a few times. I’ve been fired. I’ve also performed in front of thousands of people, created a loving marriage, and sustained a well-oiled six-figure business for a decade.  My confidence doesn’t come from wins or losses though. It … Continue reading Confidence is a Choice