Career tips: If you are changing careers during this pandemic.

We all can admit this past year and even now has been and is an interesting time. The dynamics of the life you and I had grown accustomed to prior to the pandemic went into a tailspin. 

However, I will say although various transitions took place, there were still some positive aspects that also changed the dynamics of what life looked like during the pandemic. 

Many of you had a lightbulb moment that thrusted you into a shift in how you viewed your career. Whether it was due to layoff, severance, or resignation. And you may even ask “ Cara, how is it possible to see those things as positive. Especially when my family was effected as well?” 

I will tell you. It’s positive because you allowed yourself to think beyond your comfort zone and begin to see what another perspective of your life could look like. In reference to this article, the perspective of changing career. Yes even in the midst of a pandemic.

I thought about those of you who are considering a career change.  I want to give you five (5) tips on what a career change during this pandemic could look like.

  1. Set your career Strategy to go. Anything new will present a learning curve. You’re learning a new company, new policy/procedures, and new job. However, having a career Strategy for the next phase of your career journey is so important. It helps keep you focused and allows for you to seize moments for developing in your career.
  2. Welcome the liminal- when you’re existing between a past that is gone and a future that is uncertain or the initial stage of a new process. In your transition into a new career, what you were accustomed to in your previous career won’t be the same as where you’re going in your new career. 
  3. Forgo the “this is the way I’ve always done it” mindset. You are getting ready to embark on a new opportunity. Although some techniques you have may be beneficial, don’t block the opportunity to learn new and improved strategies. Sometimes we can get in our way. 
  4. Clear your mind and give it space for new. Contrary to what it may appear, mindset is everything no matter what we do in life. It opens us up to creativity, keeps us from remaining stagnant, and positions us for growth. This is also why my business is centered around the mindset. I never want my clients gaining great experiences, but can’t enjoy it because their mindsets are still in old way of thinking.
  5. Don’t fuel comparison with action. It’s natural to compare one experience with another experience. It’s how we gauge it track if we are improving or remaining the same. However, we have to be careful that in our natural assessment of a new environment, we don’t find ourselves responding or reacting the same.

If you or anyone you know are experiencing the transition of career change and would like to learn the strategies necessary to successfully get through it, let’s talk. Schedule a Career Strategy Discovery Call with Keep It Movin Mindset Strategies today via

Don’t wait! 

Cara Terrance
Mindset Strategies/Career Coach/Speaker

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