Team Building: Focusing on Your Employees

Do you have clear expectations for your employees?  A goal for this year may be to set meaningful expectations and ensure they are focused on the expected outcomes.

Often more than not, employees don’t have a good understanding of their duties.  Can you provide a detailed list of what each employee needs to accomplish by the end of each day?  

Your employees need to understand how their actions can affect the company. They also need to know, in writing, what they are expected to do, and why.  If they are unaware of your expectations, they often roam aimlessly with no direction or goals.  

Once your employees know their expected duties, and clearly have goals in mind to help the company succeed, make sure you reinforce them with motivation.  Continue to remind them that they’re doing a good job, or give constructive criticism when due.  And consistently review their activities to ensure they are properly carrying out their work.

Consider even posting daily, weekly, or monthly team goals for all the employees to see.  Getting your employees focused and working as a team does require more time and effort, but remember that a motivated team will bring out winning results!

by Elizabeth Debol, CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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