Why Should I Proofread?

I started my own proofreading business ten years ago (2011) because I would find typos EVERYWHERE! 

I would see typos on TV, billboards, newspapers, magazines, resumes, business documents, websites, etc.  It would drive me crazy, so I decided to do something about it and start my own proofreading business to help others present themselves in the best possible way.

My proofreading business has now transformed into a resume and cover letter writing business.  I cannot tell you how important it is to not have ANY typos in your resume, cover letter and even your LinkedIn profile. 

If there is a typo or grammatical error of any kind, many recruiters will just throw your documents in the trash can.  The documents you submit represent the professionalism that you would bring to the position and if you have made any mistakes, it shows that you do not care about how you present yourself.  Employers may conclude that you lack attention to detail and are content with sloppy work.  It can cost you a job interview and possibly your dream job. 

Here are several proofreading tips and tricks that you can use before you hit “submit” and apply for a job. 

First, I would review your resume and cover letter slowly several times and then have a friend or family member review it.  Sometimes it is hard to find errors in documents that you created.

A good tip is to read the resume backward, sentence by sentence and even out loud helps too.

It also may be a good idea to print out your resume since errors may be more visible on paper vs. your computer.

Second, utilize the “spellcheck” or “editor” feature in Microsoft Word since it will let you know if you have any spelling or grammatical errors.  Note that both features do not pick up all errors since it depends on the context of the sentence or different forms/spellings of words.

(ex.  two, too, to)

Third, you can also use some online tools such as “Grammarly” which is one of the top tools.  Another is WhiteSmoke proofreading software or ProWriting Aid’s proofreading tool.

To summarize, proofreading is critical in everything you do and especially anything you submit!

You want to present your best possible self to potential recruiters and look professional.

Good luck on your job searches and let me know if I can help you with any of your proofreading needs!

by Lori Krouse, CPRW
Owner, Proofing to Perfection

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