Looking at Resumes from a Hiring Manager’s Point of View

I’m a retired engineering manager turned Mentor Coach for engineers, and I also lead the Engineer in Transition Network Group.  One of the ways I help engineers in their job search is looking at their resume from a hiring managers point of view.  While everyone is different, there are several recurring themes that jump out. I can’t tell what job they are looking for The … Continue reading Looking at Resumes from a Hiring Manager’s Point of View

Team Building: Focusing on Your Employees

Do you have clear expectations for your employees?  A goal for this year may be to set meaningful expectations and ensure they are focused on the expected outcomes. Often more than not, employees don’t have a good understanding of their duties.  Can you provide a detailed list of what each employee needs to accomplish by the end of each day?   Your employees need to understand … Continue reading Team Building: Focusing on Your Employees

Why Should I Proofread?

I started my own proofreading business ten years ago (2011) because I would find typos EVERYWHERE!  I would see typos on TV, billboards, newspapers, magazines, resumes, business documents, websites, etc.  It would drive me crazy, so I decided to do something about it and start my own proofreading business to help others present themselves in the best possible way. My proofreading business has now transformed … Continue reading Why Should I Proofread?

Confidence is a Choice

One word that people have always used to describe me is “confident.” And I am, mostly. Partly because I have failed a lot.  I’ve performed comedy to crickets. I’ve been dumped, a few times. I’ve been fired. I’ve also performed in front of thousands of people, created a loving marriage, and sustained a well-oiled six-figure business for a decade.  My confidence doesn’t come from wins or losses though. It … Continue reading Confidence is a Choice